Social work services refer to a wide range of professional activities that are aimed at providing social services to individuals, families, groups, and communities in need. Social workers are trained professionals who are committed to helping vulnerable people overcome the challenges they face in their everyday lives. They work in various settings, including schools, hospitals, government agencies, community development and outreach agencies, clinics, and counselling agencies.

The role of social workers is to promote social welfare, help people from all backgrounds overcome the individual challenges they are facing, advocate for social and economic justice for members of diverse communities, and embody the social work code of ethics. They work with a wide variety of populations, including children and adolescents, individuals with disabilities, individuals who are experiencing poverty or homelessness, medical patients, LGBTQ individuals, individuals suffering from addiction, students, individuals with mental health concerns, refugees and immigrants, ageing individuals, couples and families, victims of violence or trauma, individuals who are incarcerated or in the criminal justice system, and veterans.

Social workers provide a range of services, including psychosocial assessment, counselling, coordination of discharge planning, community liaison services, financial assistance, and consultation. They also offer support groups, memorial services, informational and educational resources, and referrals to appropriate therapeutic and community resources.